Ad Removal Request

If you have come across an ad of yours on , that you wish to have removed from our listings, please send us an email and make sure to include :

  • your legal name
  • the link to the ad you wish to have removed
  • the reason you are requesting this removal
  • a copy of any documentation which proves you are legally entitled to the removal of the ad
  • if the request is claiming identity theft, please provide a picture of your valid government issued identification
  • and any other information you feel is necessary

Then email this information to and we will review your request at the earliest possible time.

Please be advised that our website functions by simple syndication from 100’s of partnering escort directories from all over the world. If you, yourself, posted a similar ad on another escort website, please go back to the original escort site and read their Terms of Use documents. You may be surprised to find out that in that document will have a mention of using your data for marketing purposes or something similar, this is why they have provided us with the data. However, if the ad is causing you any sort of pain, we will try our hardest to find it and delete it for you.

Please do not email us if you are NOT legally entitled to request an ad be removed.