Diversity Of Staffing Report

Leading on transparency
Transparency fuels accountability, and accountability builds trust. As one of the most transparent companies of our size, we regularly share our D&I progress with employees and the public.

Evolving our data
In this year’s report, we again expanded the types of data and insights we include and share necessary context for that data to shed light on our accountability and commitments.

Accountability through meaningful action
To accelerate our progress on representation and inclusion, we ensure employees at all levels are responsible for engaging by practicing inclusion, learning from failure, and taking everyday actions.

Influencing change
Leaders have a unique accountability to influence change in their teams. We take individual progress into account when determining the impact, rewards, and promotion for all Partners and Executives.

Gender identity and sexual orientation
We offer employees the choice to identify based on their sexual orientation, gender identity (including options beyond binary gender terms), and/or as transgender in 28 countries including the US.

Employees with disabilities
To better understand and support employees with disabilities, we encourage people to voluntarily self-identify as having a disability. We currently offer this option in 46 countries including the US.

Military status
We offer employees the choice to identify as a person with military experience in 38 countries, and we’re sharing data on representation of US employees with military status for the first time.

Dimensions of Asian identity
We expanded options for Asian employees in the US to identify their backgrounds. The Asian community is the largest racial and ethnic minority group in our company, encompassing more than 20 sub-identities.