Publishing Policy

SHEMALES.TODAY was created for the purpose of making the process of searching for and finding a local service provider much easier for our members. By using our service, users save an average iof 2 to 3 hours of broswing the vast amount of resources online.

The data found on SHEMALES.TODAY was generated automatically by 100's of our customized spiders scouring the internet for escort data, then compiling its findings on a webpage accessable to our members.

Each profile entry found on SHEMALES.TODAY will include the service providers name, phone number, city they service and often also a list of the services they offer as well as whatever other data we find.

The data found on SHEMALES.TODAY should ONLY be used for personal use and cannot be redistributed or published without the permission of SHEMALES.TODAY.

If you find any error or would like to request a profile be removed from our pages, please fiill out a removal request here.